3 Grimms a Crabbin’: A coast to coast photo essay

If you don’t live in San Fran first you probably have to do this:

Go west, young man

Once you get there, head for this spot:

Crabs with this view are probably all retired anyway

Get your net out:

A little nylon!

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Dans le cochon tout est bon

Learn where meat comes from…

“In the pig, everything is good… except the cry.” – A graduation film of Iris Alexandre (2011)
From the alive pig to the banquet, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything changes.

A bunch of tools…

Home Depot meets Sur la Table...

Did you think all you were getting for Christmas was cooking classes and some weird spices?  Have no fear.  This is the total package.  Apart from this online cook book/blog/cooking show, and your bedside Street Food companion, today I went to Kemai, a wholesale Chinese culinary shop in San Francisco to equip you with the essential toolkit for feeding armies of street children.

What’s inside that hardcore Husky tool duffel?

  • Chinese chef’s knife, the only blade I wield in my kitchen.  This does it all. Chop, crush, mince, slice, pound, skin, and serve, all with kung fu attitude.
  • Bamboo cutting board.  Enough said.
  • Wire whisk. Sometimes you need to whip up a sauce on the quick.
  • Bamboo utensils.  Stir, taste, toss.  Again, all I use, aside from an occasional spatula. Did you know that this is actually a scraper?  I didn’t.
  • Aluminum mixing bowl.  Use this for sauces with your wire whisk. Think BBQ sauce, horseradish mustard glazes, honey/sage dipping sauce, Thai marinades, etc.
  • Corkscrew/bottle opener.  Again, enough said.
  • Hand-hammered wok, the true utility man.  Deep fry, stir fry, steam, sear, saute, boil, braise, or smoke.  You name it, it can do it.  No lid on this one, so cover it with whatever is handy.  I forgot to pick up a hoak (ladle), we can work on that. They’re a dollar.  You have the chahn (spatulas).  You’re ready.

That’s it.  With this tool kit I make approximately 75% of all my meals.  We’ll bust this stuff out in Dayton for an expo, maybe like this guy.  “O.K. go”…