Punk Domestics

This is a cop out post – Mike was on my case this week for being a lazy blogger. Who cooks but doesn’t document these days? I’ve been shamed into action, and some real recipes are coming this way soon, but for today I introduce Punk Domestics.

PD is a online community of culinary DIY’ers. You can find resources, recipes and techniques for just about anything – canning, preserves, foraging, home dairy and cheese making, butter churning, mustards and vinegars, you name it.

I’ll be making some mustards this week, and was checking out some PD resources to get started – so much to choose from where to begin?  How about with these:

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3 Grimms a Crabbin’: A coast to coast photo essay

If you don’t live in San Fran first you probably have to do this:

Go west, young man

Once you get there, head for this spot:

Crabs with this view are probably all retired anyway

Get your net out:

A little nylon!

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Meet the Domestic Dumbass

Family cookbooks should also include extended family.  So, without further ado, I have the extreme pleasure of introducing the Domestic Dumbass: The Essential Home Guide for the Nest-o-phobic, a wonderful little blog from Misty’s sister Michelle Richmond featuring culinary adventures and little life lessons.  Like this one:

We’re going crabbing this week, so we’ll add to Michelle’s cracking post with some tips on  catching crab and cooking it up all delicious like.  In the mean time, learn how to have an important conversation with your child about religion.

Street food, what the hell?

We know, it’s a random gift idea.  But hey, street food is incredible.  Whether it’s a hot dog at a Tiger’s game, a burger at a UM tailgate party outside the Big House, elote in Humboldt Park in Chicago, or kitimoto under a starlit sky in Iringa, Tanzania, street food is essentially food and culture’s public face.  It’s not hidden in a restaurant of home kitchen, it’s right there, and you can watch it happen, learn the ingredients and how it is prepared, and walk away with food in hand thinking about making it yourself on the backyard grill.

Dad, we heard you may be spending more time at home soon, and mom sure could use a hand in the kitchen, so we thought why not start you out on street food.  We found some classes in “Street Food of the World” up in Northern Michigan to kick off your tour, a nice little cookbook companion, spices,  and all the gear you need to turn the next tail gate into little Mumbai, Bangkok, or Tegucigalpa.

Street Food by Clare Ferguson, your new cooking companion.

I’ve made some pretty shitty food in my day, but hey, experimentation is all part of the process.  Different spices and ingredients require different methods and techniques, almost like managing a diverse Chamber sales team, or learning to interact with and handle the kids and folks at the tutoring centers and afterschool programs.

So, I suggest we use this blog to experiment together.  We can all pick some recipes, try them out, and post our reviews here, developing our own Grimm Street Food resource.  Soon we’ll be on Amazon selling thousands of copies and paying for a curbside food cart to station outside the Onekama library…

Merry Christmas mom and dad, let’s start cooking!