Chocolate Caramel Brownies

chocolate caramel brownies


Recipe: Mary Wolking; Design by Notegraphy…


Grimm Tactics #2: Jell-O Pudding Snack Pairings Guide

Recently I was cranking out a dirt cake for a friend’s birthday, original Montefalco style, and picking up the requisite ingredients: Cool Whip, cream cheese, and instant vanilla pudding. This prompted some reflection on the proper pronunciation of Cool Whip.

During the pilgrimage to the Safeway pudding aisle I decided I wasn’t about to make instant vanilla without a refrigerated Jell-O swirl pack.  What came later was divine intervention: chocolate stout plus chocolatey pudding snack.  Or, Lunchables: Happy Hour Edition.


Highly recommended. Maybe a nice Porter would do well too.

As for a proper dirt cake?  Not quite sure.  It’s vanilla based, sugary as can get, and in this case I found it best served in a bucket.


When possible, serve food with plastic spade

….I’m thinking Dirt Cake + White Russian?  Definitely would have at least one taker.


Chocolate linguine with nutella and caramel cognac sauciness

Last spring, on a surprise visit to the convocation of Daddy Starbucks in Seattle, the Grimm Gourmet potluck scavenger lunch was born in Pike Place Market (directions: rather than sitting down at a restaurant, everyone split all over the market and meet back with 1-2 items of your choosing).  I think I bought some salmon jerky and an outrageously caloric donut, but also this dark chocolate linguine.

A couple of week’s ago a few friends rolled into D.C. pretty late on a weekday so it finally seemed like occasion to try this out this dessert. Unlike some other questionable things I’ve made this year chocolate pasta is a winner on a lot of levels – looks great, tastes great, and the caramel cognac sauce was called “biochemically fascinating.” At first I wasn’t sure whether to take this as a compliment, but I can assure you that after seeing the sauce harden into caramel candy it’s a very apt description.

Not your grandma's linguine. Unless your grandma really loves chocolate.

Not your grandma’s linguine. Unless your grandma really loves chocolate.

That’s bananas, strawberries, shredded coconut white chocolate, and whipped cream.   Not exactly pictured but still very much in play are a nutella cream sauce and the aforementioned caramel cognac sauce.

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