Le Grand Moutardier du Pape

Le Grand Moutardier du Pape - is he shitting mustard?

Today’s special is mustard. I have some brown and yellow mustard seed (senfkorner to keep the Grimm theme alive) and some mustard powder (senfpulver) in the pantry, which combined with cold water, salt and vinegar make mustard.

Did you know Romans would grind mustard seed and mix it with wine into a paste similar to the mustard we slather on everything from sandwiches to hotdogs today? Me neither.

Did you know Pope John XXII was a mustard fiend who brought his hometown mustard-maker to the Vatican because he was homesick for his local purple mustard? Me neither.

Did you know Junipero Serra laced the entire countryside with black mustard seed to mark his trail as he explored California while establishing his Rosary of Missions, then followed a golden trail of blossoming mustard flowers back south to Mexico on the return trip? Nope, but thanks Father Mustard Seed, that’s a pretty great image.

Did you know you can make mustard in 10 minutes using 3 ingredients with a million variations and never have to purchase mass produced mustard again? ¬†Well I did, and here’s how. Continue reading