Who is a Grimm Gourmet?

Why you are of course. That’s why you’re here. Some families have the luxury of getting together for the holidays and spending hours in the kitchen cooking.  Mom, you had four boys.  Sorry, tough luck.  We weren’t much help around the kitchen growing up, yeah sure we set and cleared the table, and after puberty managed to add loading the dishwasher to our routine, occasionally baking a french bread pizza in the counter-top toaster oven, but that wasn’t kitchen help.  Them was chores.

Today however, you have a few boys (and now girls!) in the family that can help out in the kitchen. Since we don’t get to spend that much time together preparing dishes, we thought why not create a space to at least share our culinary adventures, favorite recipes, and kitchen experiences.  So we bring you Grimm Gourmet, and we hope you and dad enjoy spending time with us on this site as much as we (David at the least) will enjoy sharing a love of food with you.

Merry Christmas, and thanks for raising us with freshly prepared home cooked dinners shared with a family, a culinary tradition from our grandparents, aunts, and uncles, a love of discovering new flavors, cuisines, and dishes worldwide.


2 thoughts on “Who is a Grimm Gourmet?

  1. Just trying to confirm the color of Dad’s pants and the couch. Are they one and the same? And are they both pink/lavender? Also, if that tie is still around, do share.

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