Physical Challenge – Mole Negro

Here at Grimm Gourmet we bypass the childish dares and double dares. Our biochemically fascinating chefs are daring enough.  We get right to the physical challenges, the dirty work.

What is a Physical Challenge?  Each Grimm Chef will investigate, experiment with, and refine a recipe selected specifically for the challenge over the course of a month, and then submit their selection under our very own peer review process for selection as People’s Champion.

Rules of Engagement

Recipes will be judged by the following criteria on a sliding points scale (1-5 where 5 indicates exceptional performance):

  1. Creativity – Points awarded to the chef that reinvents the selected dish and provides the most unique interpretation.
  2. Authenticity – A counterpoint to creativity, authenticity ensures each chef remains true to the spirit of the selected dish.
  3. Execution – Can the dish be reproduced by other Grimm Chefs of varying skills and experience?  Aspects of execution include time of preparation, ease of procuring ingredients, etc.
  4. Presentation – Is the dish presented in an interesting, unique, attractive and appetizing manner?
  5. Taste – Each Grimm dish will be reproduced by the other chefs and a taste comparison conducted with a panel (up to 5 individuals) of the chef’s choosing.

All criteria will be summed, and the chef receiving the highest points appointed People’s Champion until the next Physical Challenge…

Today we bring you Grimm Gourmet Physical Challenge #1 – Mole Negro

What is mole?  Mole refers to a number of sauces in traditional Mexican cuisine.  The ingredients of mole can be grouped into five distinct classes: chiles, sour (tomatillos), sweet (dried fruits and sugar), spices, and thickeners (nuts and tortillas).  There are various types of mole, so to keep the Challenge on task, we will be preparing mole negro.

Mole negro (black mole) is a Oaxacan mole that traditionally takes days to prepare and has been served at the White House for State Dinners.  Our challenge is to bring the mole negro back from the brinks of power to the people!  A mole in a day!  For some background on the People’s Mole, how about a video from the Hairy Bikers Cookbook?

Check out Part 2 here to see “a fantastic place to watch sesame seeds toast, …the seeds of our mole.”

When is the deadline?  Each mole must be submitted to the Grimm Gourmet site by May 31st, and the competition and judging will commence in early June.

Do you accept?  If not, I’ve just wasted an hour writing this stupid post.


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