Success Pile in a Happiness Bowl

Since Grandma Bobby knew Colonel Sanders and his family kitchen firsthand, it was only a matter of time before Kentucky Fried Chicken inspired the Gourmet.  Behold the Breakfast Famous Bowl:


The restoration of self-respect and dignity

The Famous Bowl is a KFC original…ahem…excuse me, CLASSIC.  See URL below:

A generous serving of our creamy mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn, bite-sized pieces of our crispy chicken, drizzled with our signature home-style gravy and topped off with a shredded three cheese blend.

That may be true.  But comedian Patton Oswalt has a different take in a bit which claims the dish is best served while listening to Great Gig in the Sky:

“Can you take all those food items and pile them in a single bowl for me?”

“Uh yes we can pile that in a bowl, but we can also arrange them on a plate like you’re an adult with self-respect and dignity”

“…Just make me a failure pile in a sadness bowl, that’s what I want.”

Two hilarious minutes below.  Mind the language.

Full instructions after the jump


  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Happiness pile of your own devising
  • Optional: An egregious slathering of ketchup


1. Put whatever you want in the bowl.  I satueed potatoes with garlic, onions and rosemary and sprinkled the happiness with salt and pepper

2. Cook the eggs sunny side up or overeasy, assuming you want the yolk to run all over whatever pile you’ve devised

3. Top with cheese

4. Revel in your renewed self-esteem and appreciation for life


Perhaps best served after a long Friday night


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