Tacos de chorizo

In NYC I came out of the subway at 110th St. every day and saw this:

Don’t even get me started on the cheese selection

Not so much in DC.  My new local grocery is Capitol Supermarket and its $0.50 avocados. It’s next to should-be-legendary bar El Sauce, which is only an allusion in Yelp reviews of other stuff on the block: “There’s a bar next door and a liquor store nearby.  It seems to attract some questionable people sometimes.” (Correction: El Sauce does get 1.5 stars here).

Club Sauce. In effect.

Now, did I develop an uncontrollable urge to be completely out of my element this weekend and end up at El Sauce listening to mariachi with a Salvadoran trying to tell me he was Brazilian and an Australian who got lost on the way back to his hostel? Umm, yes.  Questionable decision, outstanding results, minus  the $6 bottles of Modelo Especial – really, El Sauce?

Bottom line is Club Sauce could learn a thing or two from its neighbor.  Capitol Supermarket keeps the selection varied and the prices low, with chorizo and queso blanco at the ready. For these:

Consider serving with a side of Tortrix, a genus of moth that also happens to be a very popular corn chip company in Guatemala – just another delicious feather in Cap Market’s already well-endowed cap…


Con queso (the one in the middle in the picture)
Chorizo (sausage)
Queso blanco
Salsa verde

Sin queso (the one on the left)

Fry up your chorizo with onions and garlic, crumble the queso blanco, then assemble.

I used blue corn tortillas for extra color and ended up with one set of tacos with a fruity fresh flavor (i.e., mangoes) and another with some spice and cheesy heft (i.e. salsa verde, queso blanco).  Served with black beans topped with queso blanco as well…


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