Hash It Out

Inspired by a little diner here in Ann Arbor, famous for their “Hippie Hash”, as well as a good friend up in Traverse City, we decided to take on making some hash.  At this point you may be wondering if we are going to be smoking this concoction at the end of preparation.  Not quite.  Although feel free to take a puff in honor of Fleetwood’s dish.

Making a delicious hash is the ideal way to clean out your refridgerator.  We think its best when it’s especially spicy, so make sure to modify yours accordingly.

Start by chopping up some potatoes into little peices–we had some yukons and some red skin potatoes, about 3 cups should be enough for dinner + lunch leftovers.

chop up the following veggies OR improvise and use whatever you may have.  However, we think swiss chard is a great component of hash.

Finished product

Above is what this may look like on completion.  Here is what we had in the fridge that we wanted to get rid of.

  • swiss chard: leafs sliced thinly and stalk chopped into peices then separated from leafs.
  • edamamme, just buy the beans frozen without the shells and add them frozen to the pan.  These are key little components
  • Parsnips, shredded nice and thin
  • Red Pepper –
  • Green Onion – diced up
  • Garlic – minced
  • Cilantro
  • Yukon Potatoes – diced small
  • Jalapenos – diced real small.
  • Chicken broth! – Essential
  • Eggs – fried up over easy toward the end
  • Avocado – For the end
  1. First, dice up your yukons into small pieces add to the skillet with some olive oil and start to brown the potatoes.  (WARNING – do not overcook potatoes so make sure all the above prep work is done)  Add salt and pepper as you want
  2. Second – add some chicken broth (1/2 cup or so to help add some flavor) and the minced garlic
  3. Third – add the parsnips, jalapenos, if you are ready for some heat,  the chard stems, and the edamame, stirring frequently- if sticking throw some more oil on there.  Not hash oil.

Don’t get caught up in the name.  Stay focused here. And watch out for others with the munchies.  This stuff smells delicious.

4.  Fourth add the peppers and let those crisp up.  Then add the chard leafs after you start to see the peppers browning a bit on the outside  This is tough as you can’t add all the leafs at once.  It will shrink up and then you can add the rest. Get those eggs fired up on the side, you’re almost there stoner, be patient.

 When all cooked up top it with some avocados, diced green onion, cilantro and the eggs over easy.  Yuuuuum.  Disclaimer – Do everything to taste.  Cook your potatoes to desired consistency as well as everything else.  Taste as you go! That’s the best part.  


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