Lazy Pizzas for Animaniacs

It wasn’t too long ago that a pack of ravenous Grimms would sprint home from school, race down the basement steps, brave the freezerburn of icy metal cages and Christmas cookie tins, and emerge victorious with a Little Charlie’s deep dish pizza.  A conflicted Grimm then faced a choice — the expediency of the microwaved Little Charlie’s, mushy steaming cheese, threat level orange on a burned roof of the mouth? Or the craft of the toaster oven, crispy flaky crust, threat level orange on missing the first 10 minutes of Animaniacs (the only cartoon with a president in its opening theme, ever)?

The true nature of a Grimm revealed itself in his wait time for Little Charlie’s.

200 grams of fat later, a still bony but sated Grimm would step into the neighborhood, fueled up for a game of capture-the-roller-basket-soccer-tag with a roving band of Leverenz’s, Nouhan’s, and Berschback’s.

Why did we love Little Charlie’s?  Little Charlie himself can explain: “Extended holding capability; Unsurpassed consistency and versatility: same great results in almost any oven; Quick, easy, no mess preparation.”

I have no idea why “extended holding capability” is a virtue in frozen pizza.  I’m assuming that it refers to heat, and if you’re “preparing” frozen pizza, you’re probably not into the whole waiting around for your food to cool thing.

But I do love a good, quick, cheap frozen pizza.  It’s just that these days, a grown-ass Grimm might keep it real with some arugula and goat cheese:

And if we’re going the Boboli route because we’ve got a little time before Boy Meets Worlds kicks off on TGIF, that same Grimm might crank up the broiler and burn the top of the cheese ever so lovingly over an ornate pattern of zucchinis:

Little Charlie’s spirit; Grimm Gourmet style.

Arugula and Goat Cheese (frozen) pizza

One of my favorite pizzas in NYC has been at the corner of 111 and Amsterdam since 1951, and this was a V and T Friday night special after a long week:

I got nothing like that in DC right now, but I did have a Whole Foods the other night, so I started with this:

Just toss the arugula in a very light, mostly olive oil and then balsamic dressing, adding some pepper for kick. Once that frozen pizza comes out of the oven, top it with the arugula and fresh goat cheese if you have it.  Finished product was above.

Note: since this was a personal size, and because I had an after-school kind of appetite, I sort of folded everything up like a calzone and ate the thing in about 4 bites, finishing about the time Pinky and the Brain would try to take over the world.

Zucchini Pizza

This one’s a little more, shall we say, advanced.  You actually have to add the cheese and sauce to a pre-made crust.  And the broiler technique is above and beyond your average pizza prep.  Still quick, but not Little Charlie’s quick – you’re going to miss most of Animaniacs:

I know, I know.

But it’s a pretty lookin’ pie.  Start by doing this:

Then do this:

Can you tell by those directions I used to be one of the microwaving Grimms?

Once you’ve got that, bake the pizza most of the way in the oven, and the last 5 or 10 minutes or so put it in your broiler.  The open flame just above the cheese will give you that nicey crispy burnty cheesy look.

Note: A toaster-oven Grimm surely always elects for the broiler.


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