3 Grimms a Crabbin’: A coast to coast photo essay

If you don’t live in San Fran first you probably have to do this:

Go west, young man

Once you get there, head for this spot:

Crabs with this view are probably all retired anyway

Get your net out:

A little nylon!

Prepare the bate: chicken thighs

A fine last meal

Stop to say hi to ‘Ma and ‘Pa:


Watch out for these guys, they like chicken more than the crabs:


You might struggle, catch nothing, or something so small you have to throw it back:

Too tiny for the table.

Make sure the one casting has the Golden touch:

Chicken of the sea.

Put crabs in a boiling pot of water.  Cringe.  Acknowledge the Circle of Life.

(not pictured)

Cook up a side dish of pasta with a white wine lemon butter sauce (shrimp and kale based recipe coming soon…) :

So much more humane.

Enter into food coma, Moshi-style:

Increasingly convinced she is a man in a dog suit.

Say goodbye to this:

Miss you already nature.

And this (at least outside in February):

Never better than at 2pm.

If possible, create abstract representation of Founding Fathers in your salsa:

George Washington, is that you?

Return home, bob your head to this:

Do not bob your head to this:

Why here? Why now?

Send post card to say thanks!


3 thoughts on “3 Grimms a Crabbin’: A coast to coast photo essay

  1. The Block Stamps are so good! Where is the skyscraper “M”? I want a thank you note…Didn’t I do something for you while we were out there?

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