Taco Time!


This was a recipe Jess picked up in Traverse living with Michael and April.  We make it all the time for its simplicity and it’s delicious.

Shredded Chicken Tacos with red cabbage, radishes, (jalapenos are optional), cheese, and guac.  Here’s the skinny on each item:

For the chicken- dust with salt, sprinkle some lime juice and zest on it, and cover with your newly acquired adobo spices.  Put in a pan of heated olive oil and let cook while prepping the remainder of the meal.

For the tortillas we heated 2 tbs of olive oil over medium high heat and add a stack of corn tortillas.  We usually count out the number of tacos we think we want to eat and use that.  Using a spatula continuously flip over stack onto the heat, turning over tortillas from the middle of the stack and rotating which ones are touching the pan.  Think of it like a stack of pancakes and you move them around alternating their positions until browned nicely. Add more olive oil to aid the browning.  Sound confusing! But easy!

For the radish and cabbage – cut into thin slices and put into a small bowl of your favorite balsamic, we used a white balsamic coconut Fustinis.  Let that sit.

For the guac (our recipe)- we took 2 avocados mashed em up, added a large clove of garlic minced, diced up cherry tomatoes, a couple tablespoons of cilantro chopped, and a half of a fresh lime squeezed, add salt and pepper to taste.  Simple, Classic.

Once the chicken is done cooking, shred it up and pile high!!


2 thoughts on “Taco Time!

  1. Woot! Cabbage+radish=heavenly. Nice work kids. “White balsamic coconut Fustinis?” How about a link? Not sure what that is… Sounds delish, will try that cabbage/radish salsa with some fresh caught crab sometime soon.

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